Quick Fix

Sunday, March 23, 2014

It happens to us all, we wake up late and have less than 10 minutes to put on our best face for the day. What are your go-to products for a quick fix? These four little beauties are mine! I can't tell you enough what a life saver they have been for me.

Why you ask? For starters if I happen to wake up with only 5 minuets on the clock these four products are small enough to discreetly fit in my purse so I can jet into the bathroom where ever I'm at and quickly apply. You wont need any brushes for these guys which is an ultra plus for on the go and for an added bonus they are  P E R F E C T for a natural look, also known as  "the no makeup makeup". You've got all the important features covered with these products! Face, cheeks, eyes, brows and lips. Voila! Just enough to give you that fresh-faced look that never goes out of style!

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