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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Eyebrows. Everyone's got them so whats the big deal? In my opinion eyebrows are the most flattering feature on a face if done correctly and here's why:
The picture speaks for it's self doesn't it? 

 Did you know that eyebrows actually correlate directly with emotion? For example,  you're getting yourself a coffee and the barista turns around to hand you your drink and she says "here ya go!" with the most inviting and friendly voice but when you look at her face you notice her eyebrows are thin, curved like a rainbow and slowly traveling off her face. Then you notice she looks like shes about to cry. Now all of the sudden your confused by the friendly tone in her voice and sad look on her face and you spend the rest of your day at work wondering if you said something to offend her while ordering your coffee.  All the while her eyebrows were just giving of the wrong emotion. Oops!

Here are a few things to keep in mind to achieve your perfect brows!

Whats trending:  Bold, thicker, natural brows are trending right now.

Less is not more: Be careful not to over pluck E S P E C I A L  LY in the "in between" area and toward the "tail" of your brows. Over plucking in both theses areas will actually make your face appear wider and no one wants that! Here are the 4 reference points to consider when shaping your brows.

Two shades darker: As a rule of thumb, when choosing a product to fill in your brows whether it be a shadow, pencil or gel always shoot for two shades darker.

Don't forget to set: This is the golden rule for brows! Setting your brows ensures that they stay on your face looking fresh all day rather than slowly creeping off your face onto your cheeks (its okay, its happened to the best of us). Any product you use that is wax based such as a pencil or a pomade needs to be set with some sort of powder. I like to use Ben Nye neutral set which is a transparent powder or an eye shadow of a similar color to set my brows . After I've set my brows I will brush the brows straight up and then over with a brow gel to make sure no hair is out of place!

Here are a few of my favorite products to achieve your best brows. Stay golden!

Angled Brush || Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Genius Kit || Ben Nye Neutral Set Powder || Make UP For Ever Aqua Brow || Spoolie Wand || Two Faced Brow Envy Kit  

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