Skin Care Savers for Shnoz Surgery

Saturday, May 31, 2014

So there I was, fashionably dressed in my pale blue hospital gown and matching surgical cap, being wheeled into the operating room. Lets just say I looked good, real good. I was just seconds away from being put to sleep for a  N O S E job. H O L L E R! Totally kidding...sorta. Almost a month ago I had surgery for a deviated septum repair. For the last 25 years I was often mistaken for Darth Vader's long lost sister (or Darth himself on my bad days) and I was tired of mistaken identity. So a nose job it was! With having surgery on my nose I knew that washing my face and taking care of my skin like I normally would was out of the question. However I was determined to make sure my skin stayed zit free and fresh through out my recovery and I had come up with a plan of action to do just that! The night before my surgery I got my scrub on with my Clarisonic (LIFE SAVER- if you guys are on the fence about investing in one, let me tell you, you wont be sorry! More on that later...) and followed up with Biore pore strips. You better believe I slapped those puppies on every part of my face a blackhead might have tried to appear! After surgery I couldn't even touch my face for a good couple of days. Biore pore strips are the equivalent of gold in my opinion. After most of the swelling had gone down I used Kirkland brand facial wipes to gently swipe over my face. If you haven't tried these wipes I highly recommend you do so. I have sensitive skin and they weren't irritating at all! They also made my face feel clean and fresh. The power of one little wipe right?!  Now that it has been almost a month since my surgery I am able to be a little more rough with my face. I started using Lush's Mask of Magnaminty! This stuff feels as awesome as the name sounds and bonus, its organic! Its chalk full of peppermint for a deep clean, aduki beans to combat dry flakes, and vanilla to reduce redness. I mean, what more could you want? This mask can be used all over the face, on the back or even on the chest. If you only have a few spots that concern you its great for a spot treatment.

And just to show you how well these products worked for me, here I am in all my  post surgery glory. Not a zit in site, and I haven't had one since! #nofilter #knockonwood

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