Gold and Red and Pink all over

Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy weekend! Before you all head off to your fun plans I wanted to share with you some photos I found waiting in my email today. So much eye candy right? I can't get enough!
A few weeks ago I got together with some super talented girls that are taking Utah county by storm, event planner Rachael Affleck, and photographer Brooke Stapleton. I found out earlier this week that our shoot was featured on! If you guys have not heard of this website you need to check it out. Brides-to-be and party planners alike listen up! The perfect palette is a site that caters to your every need when it comes to figuring out a color scheme for your next shin-dig, as well as different theme ideas and beautiful tablescapes.
Now onto the juicy details about the makeup created for this styled shoot. The theme was a bridal party and we wanted everyone to look glamorous, but not over the top. We wanted most of the focus to be on our guest of honor so I'm going to share with you the idea behind her look. A dark lip was incorporated for our bride to be with a bold brow and a natural glow. The dark lip and natural eye helps keep the focus on her lips. When you have more than one focal point sometimes things get tricky and your eyes cant decide what to focus on. For those just starting out I recommend starting with one focal point, either the eyes or the lips. Darkening her brows really helps frame her face and tie everything in.  I hope you enjoyed these pictures as much as I did!

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