Ink + Ice

Sunday, May 4, 2014

This week was a HUGE week for me! I was lucky enough to be featured on two different wedding inspiration websites with a great group of girls, AND I got a nose job! I'm kidding about the nose job, sorta. I had a deviated septum repaired so I will stop breathing like Darth Vader (I'm 1000% serious about the Darth Vader thing). Here are some of my favorite shots captured by the insanely talented  Mary Claire Photography. The rest of the shoot can be found here on The Perfect Palette. Go ahead and feast your eyes!

Photography: Mary Claire Photography 
Wardrobe Styling: Golden Swank 
Event Styling & Florals: Amber Reverie
Hair: Katy Dix
Makeup: Hailee Day
Jewelry: Katie Waltman
Lovely Models: Jess, Kat, Ariel, and Jessi

1 comment:

  1. Ink and Ice. What will these kids think of next? I'm glad you finally fixed that honker of yours! JK, You have the best nose ever and I hope it looks just the same but works a lot better.